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We give you free delivery, at a time that suits you both. FREE gift wrap - beautifully giftwrapped gifts at no extra cost. FREE post wedding storage. If you are not just ready to reciev your gifts we will keep them for you in a safe secure area. FREE perseonalised gift cards, let your guests know were your list is with decrete personalised gift cards - all FREE of charge.

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With out fully functional website your guests can view your list at a time that suits them and make their purchase from the comfort of their home. Previous couples also remark how exciting it is to watch their gifts being purchased even before they have recived them!

Available Online

We know not everyone is totaly comfortable with making purchases online so at Ardboe Gift Centre we can accomodate all your guests needs - we can take PHONE ORDERS - a guest can order and pay over the phone and we delivery the gift - PHONE RESERVATIONS - A guest can call us to reserve a particular item from your list until they are ready to collect it - SAVINGS CLUB ORDERS - We offer a savings club to allow your guests to spread the cost any purchase they make and of course BUY ONLINE - payment can be accepted through Paypal or Credit Card and we deliver the item directly to you.

Sit Back & Relax

We open late every weekday (Mon-Fri 10am to 8pm; Sat 10am to 5:30pm) Giving you a great chance to set up your list at a time that suits you with an extensive range to choose from you will be able to give the correct range of items required for all your guests budget. And for those bigger items like Christmas or Furniture you can opt for Vouchers.

Check Our Services

Just from having your list at Ardboe Gift Centre we will give you 5% in Vouchers off all the purchases made from your list (in most cases this can amount to £100+) We also offer, with no obligation, 10% off any unpurchased gifts from yout Wedding Gift List - Giving you the best start to your new life together.

Top Tips

  1. Complete you List 8 weeks before your Wedding Day.
  2. Compile your list to cater to all budgets.
  3. Gift Vouchers are excellent way to help pay for the more expensive items.
  4. Let Us know your most loved items, and we will tag these for your guests.
  5. Your guests can use our savings club to help pay off the gifts, they have choosen for you.
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