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Willow Tree - Little Shepherdess Willow Tree - Zampognaro (Shepherd with Bagpipe) Willow Tree - The Three Wisemen
The Little Shepherdess by Willow Tree stand with her hands clasped in adoration of the birth of Baby Jesus

Willow Tree has crafted this beautiful piece as strong statement addition to the Nativity Collection

The Three Wisemen by Willow Tree kneel in awe of the presents of Baby Jesus as the offer their gifts to celebrate this special occasion
Willow Tree - Nativity Willow Tree - Shepherd and Stable Animals Willow Tree - Creche - 26101
Willow Tree's Nativity is a stunning centrepiece to the Nativity Collection The Shepherd and Stable Animals watch over at the miracle of the Nativity
Willow Tree presents The Crèche a stunning backdrop to display the classic Nativity collection